New Blog, welcome. by Trey Bryan

Welcome to my new site and my new BLOG. Here you will find updates about my art as well as my path as an artist. I haven't had a functioning blog in quite some time, with all the advances in social media and the plethora of platforms one can get drowned in. Here is an attempt to stay the course and collect the bread crumbs of my work in a foundation that will better suite my needs as a whole. My endeavors with this will include posts about my paintings, sketchbook drawings and writings, design, mural work and whatever else I can get into and collaborate with. 

For my first post, I thought it'd be necessary to show the current pages in the sketchbook I carry now, in my back pocket. Its a book that I bought in New Orleans, called the Zequenz360, named for it's durability when being bent backwards to be written on journalistically. It holds up and I plan to order several more. its great to carry around and the pages are not too thin. I remember hearing from the seller that the pages are "fountain pen ready," understanding that it meant something to do with ink not bleeding through from page to page. After using it in the field, I agree that the book is a tank, but no match for keeping my technique of drawing with coffee clear from infiltrating other pages. Still a fun book though and I recommend it. 

Here are a few drawings from Gainesville Florida....